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Whether this will be your first time or you’ve volunteered before, this is a wonderful opportunity to connect and share your time and expertise with current students.  Every year your invaluable feedback, engagement, and support help our students develop the confidence and skills needed to enhance their educational, scholarly, and career pursuits.

Please Note:  Spelman employees can not serve as a judge; however we invite you to support the event as a moderator on event day by signing up here.


Please Click Here to participate no later than 3/24/2023

The Time Commitment:

Research Day, April 21st (9 am to 4 pm) (Your assigned timeframe TBD)

Virtual Judge Orientation (April 3rd @ 10 am)

Three to 5 Assigned Projects to Review & Score


Schedule Overview

  7:30 am         Breakfast & Onsite Registration

  8:30 am         Welcome & Greetings Delta Air Lines

  9:00 am         Oral & Film Presentations (Session A) 

  9:30 am         Poster & Exhibit Presentations (Session A) 

10:30 am         Performance Presentations (Session A) 

11:30 am         Greetings (President Gayle) & Delta Air Lines Panel Discussion 

12:30 pm         Lunch Break (Various Events)

  2:00 pm         Oral & Film Presentations (Session B)

  2:30 pm         Poster & Exhibit Presentations  (Session B) 

  3:30 pm         Performance Presentations (Session B)  

  4:30 pm         Closing Remarks 

  5:00 pm         Cookout Celebration


**Additional event details are forthcoming**


This year, we are expecting a variety of project submissions from all disciplines.


Please take a look at the pre-recorded presentations from 2022 for examples of submissions.

 Please Click Here to participate no later than 3/1/2023 


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