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Spelman College 

Research Day 2023 



Q: I want to present, but I do not have all my research completed. 

A: You do not need your abstract or other supporting documents now. Submit your Intent to Participate by Wednesday, February 15th. 


Q: What is the setup of the actual day? 

A: The event will take place all over campus in various buildings.  

Q: Do we need to participate in the competition, or can we just have a poster? 

A: All students will receive feedback on their submitted research. They will be able to decide which presentation format they would prefer to use to present their research (oral, poster, performance, exhibit). 

Q: When are the trainings and are they mandatory? 

A: The presenter training is mandatory. The dates are Feb. 15th @12pm & 5pm & 20th @5pm). Please register and see location details here

Q: What should we have or need to bring day of the event? 

A: On the day of the event, you don't have to bring anything specific items unless it’s a part of your presentation. Dress and attire details are listed online on the guidelines page. https://spelmanresearchday.secure-platform.com/a/page/participate_account/guide 

Q: How does the submission portal work? 

A: You simply create an account and answer the questions. You will be able to edit your submission until April 5th. Video Instructions can be found here


Q: Do I need to present research to participate in Research Day? 

A: No, we encourage students, faculty, and staff to attend the event and support Spelmanites presenting their research. Additionally, this is an opportunity for all Spelmanites to network with graduate and corporate sponsors, find exciting opportunities on campus to get involved with research, AND get some free food and giveaways. 


Q: Can I present my project from the Summer?  

A: Yes projects from the previous summer can be presented.  


Q: I have a question that is not listed in this FAQ. 

A: Contact researchday@spelman.edu and follow @spelmanresearch on IG 


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